Saturday, March 12, 2011

The Dukes See a Movie: Rango

This past weekend the dukes went and saw Rango, the first animated feature film by George Lucas's company Industrial Light and Magic. Right off the bat I had three reasons to love this movie.
  1. The aforementioned fact that it is George Lucas's company. (I love me some Star Wars and Indiana Jones. the original trilogies on both accounts)
  2. They didn't offer this movie in 3D. I am sick of 3D movies and it seems that every single movie that is animated is advertised saying "Hey look at our fancypants movie in 3D. That means it must be a winner of a film."
  3. Two words. Johnny Depp. He has never made a movie worse, pretty much he is the bacon of men. Add either one to a recipe and it is bound to improve.
It was with this favorable outlook that I made my way into the theater. As the movie started I knew we had made a good choice in going to see this movie. It had a mariachi band made up of owls singing the tale of Rango. Pretty much that is the best variety of non human mariachi players you can find.
I mean look at how adorable they are in their little hats.

They look like they are having so much fun. I guess they don't know they have just been replaced by birds.

 Well I guess I should get on with the actual story. We meet Rango as he is pretending to direct and act in a scene with a bunch of plastic oddities like a palm tree, a wind up fish and a headless barbie torso. A few seconds later you find out that he is in a terrarium in the back of a station wagon cruising down the highway in the middle of the desert. Quick as a flash the cars on the road are forced to swerve and in the chaos Rango is launched from the vehicle and winds up in the desert. An armadillo that has a tire mark on his stomach give our intrepid hero a task to follow his shadow until he finds Dirt. (This is how all good tasks begin)

So he walks. As it turns out Dirt is a township on the brink of disaster. Our hero meets a girl named Beans (her father loved beans and as it turns out he died after getting super drunk and falling down a mine shaft) and she tells him that the giant water spigot that gave the town life has run dry and it hasn't rained in quite a while. Rango sees this town as his chance to actually use his acting skills (Remember the opening scene?). He claims to be one bad mofo and makes up a story about how he killed seven outlaw brothers with one bullet.

After a few strange mishaps he accidentally takes out a hawk and is given the post of town sheriff. Needless to say he is about as good at his job as I would be if I were asked to compete in the high jump. (For those of you that aren't quite sure who I am just know that I cannot jump worth a darn. You would be lucky to slide a piece of paper under my foot as I "leave" the ground in my aerial pursuits.) His biggest mistake came when he directed some would be bank robbers to the bank where all the water is stored. The next day as you might imagine all the water is gone.

Rango feels bad for what he has done and he creates a posse to search after the thieves. When they finally meet up with them they find that there is a huge band of rodents with whom they will have to contend. I did learn one awesome fact at this point. Bats blow up like fighter jets when they hit canyon walls. This came about in a pretty intense chase scene where the posse is trying to run with the giant water jug strapped to a wagon.

In the end Rango is shown to be a fake. He meets up with Clint Eastwood in a golf cart and learns that he can be a hero and he does just that. He finds out why the water has stopped and he undoes all the damage that an old tortoise had done. I found this film to be very entertaining and very well animated. I hope that ILM decides to do another animated feature soon. One the whole it made me laugh and I enjoyed the fact that none of the characters could be considered cuddly (the owls are adorable not cuddly). Way to stick it to the man. We have had our fill of cute. It was time for something like Rango.

Notice how uncuddly they are. I love it.

Strangely enough all of the Dukes liked the movie so I can't rant about how one person has poor taste. Although there is a certain Duchess that has the same taste in movies as she does in food. She didn't like the movie but she likes peanut butter and mustard sandwiches. What is wrong with her?

Rating: 4 stars


  1. Peanut butter and mustard??? Really? Really??? And she makes food for a living?

  2. I know! It freaks me out as well. I even decided I would try this so called combo. My tastebuds have declared war on the rest of my body. There is skirmishing near my sinus canals and I don't even want to know what will happen if they make it all the way to my brain.