Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Someday I'll have the clout to make my IOU's mean something.

Apparently the part your hair when you're newborn

Ahhhhhh, Look how cute I am. For those of you who don't recognize my dashing good looks from this picture to the left, I'm Ricky. I just thought I would get this out to begin with and thank Zac for getting this all set up. We're really excited about the blog, we honestly don't know what the crap we're doing so if you enjoy this, or something else that we do, please let us know and we may do it more, or we may completely ignore your request. This blog is going to consist of a lot of things: random outings, Movies we've seen, Television we've watched, and funny stories that we've shared. Apparently some of our stuff is funny or something. I'd like to thank Chris for helping us realize this. I hope you enjoy all that is posted, but I refuse responsibility for it.


  1. And... For those of you who still can't seem to place Ricky's name with the face, notice the lack of eyebrows.

  2. And let the eyebrow bashing begin...Thanks Moorman

  3. You would have to have eyebrows for said bashing and you have girl parts.