Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The Dukes Review: Movies

So as I said in my original post we would probably be doing some movie reviews and I thought I would just go over the system that we'll be using for said reviews. It's called the "5 Star" system (I've never been known for my creativity) I'll also include a movie or two that would fall into this catergory so you kind of know where we stand.

5 Stars = Must see, now, as in right now, stop whatever you're doing and go.
e.g. The Dark Knight, Zombieland

4 Stars = See in theaters for sure.
e.g. Drag Me To Hell, The Other Guys

3 Stars = If you've got nothing better to do why not check it out.
e.g Jurassic Park II, Daybreakers

2 Stars = It's worth Red Box of Netflix (since blockbuster will be done by the time anyone actually starts reading this blog)
e.g The Wolfman (the remake), Robin Hood

1 Star = Only see it if someone else is dumb enough to pay for it or if it's On Demand through your preferred television provider
e.g. Jonah Hex, Knowing

0 Stars = ...dont, just don't. 
e.g. Stevie, Elf Bowling, Skyline or anything with Billy Baldwin.

There you go, that's the system. We (The Dukes) see a lot of movies and we have pretty good taste. So let us either point you in right direction or take the bullet for you. If you ever disagree with our rating, thats fine, we honestly don't care what you think about us.

Eyebrowless as always


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