Saturday, December 18, 2010

The Core learns to Grift.

I am not sure if it is our current watching of the show Leverage or an innate evil nature but recently we have planned out one heck of a con. For those of you who don't know I make a fantastic Santa Clause. (I think I look better than the original to be honest)
Santa Zac getting his groove on.
This is nice but I didn't know how that could in the end make me money, and then it hit. Become a kettle ringer dressed as Santa. Well that is all fine and dandy I thought later but how am I going to make money off of the cashless majority? Having worked at a bank for years I became quite familiar with credit card machines. If we hooked up one of those babies to the front of the kettle no one would be able to say no. Well no decent person anyways. Since we still hope to get in heaven off of a technicality we decided we wouldn't put the name of any charity on our get-up but if people assumed we were something else that would no longer be our problem. we are still in the first stages of our plan so results are pending.

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