Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The Dukes See a Movie: Chronicle

How many of you dear readers have ever dreamed of randomly gaining super powers? If you are breathing and like awesome things then the answer should be all of you. If not you might be a Communist (or someone already with super powers) and shame on you (for either you hate freedom or you hate me since you haven't told me about you having super powers).

If seduction were a super power Coombsy would be heading the Justice League by now.
 So in case you didn't catch it in the above paragraph the main movie plot point is the fact that three teenage friends end up gaining superpowers. The movie starts out by introducing our main characters and how each one has a different background. One is popular with family support while another is indifferent to most things and the third is socially awkward and lives in an abusive home with a mother that is dying of cancer. The socially awkward one decides that he wants to document his whole life so he gets a camera  and starts filming everything that is happening.

After a while the three main characters end up together at a party. A random cave was discovered and it was decided that it needed to be captured on film so they grabbed Mr. Socially inept and took him to the entrance so they could record what they were seeing. The three of them enter and they run into this crazy giant crystal looking thing. It starts out all blue and pretty and pulsing (hint: don't trust things that pulse when they really shouldn't). After watching it mess with gravity for a bit they touch it and it turns blood red. (Oh no! I warned you to leave the pulsing thing alone! They never listen.)

Somehow they manage to get out with nothing worse than nosebleeds and headaches (much like cocaine users). After a while we see the three of them in a backyard playing with a baseball. They are using their minds to randomly change the balls trajectory in an attempt to hit the other guys in the face. Gradually their powers start growing. Soon they are lifting large objects and even flying. They are having a good time messing with people until one of them goes too far (you guessed it, the socially awkward one) and causes a guy to go to the hospital.
Not the face of someone I would trust with super powers. Or puppies for that matter.

 This incident leads the other two to try and set some ground rules about using their powers in an effort to keep people safe and Captain Awkward Pants in check.  Here I will give you two options and you try and guess which one is true.
  •  One: They all abide by the rules and become the next Super Friends. 
  • Two: Mr. "I don't like the Super Friends or my Dad " Anti Social does not abide by the rules set and goes crazy on the city of Seattle.
  • Three (I like to give extra options): Godzilla comes and finally manages to kill Mothra.  
If you guessed anything but two you either are an eternal optimist or you haven't actually read any of this blog post.

In the end I found that it was a decent movie that tried to point out how someone could go down the path or becoming a villain rather than a hero. One of the downsides in the show happened to be the fact that part of the show was more shaky than I thought was entirely necessary. For the budget they had I thought they did a good job with special effects and with the cast.

Rating 3.5 stars

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