Monday, January 30, 2012

The Dukes Create a Flag

Most of you probably assume that the Dukes have been around for years if not decades but strangely enough that is not the case (shocking I know). May 22, 2012 will mark the three year anniversary of our coming together (mark that in your calendars folks because one day it will be bigger than Halloween not Christmas though because I don't want to go to Hell). Through countless hours of movies and television and random vacations we created an indelible bond. A bond that I felt needed a symbol and Ricky thought could use a slogan (in Latin of course). I took upon myself this challenge of symbol creating since I don't do much at work and anything is better than homework (or crawling for that matter(and yes that was a very obscure movie reference from a movie the Dukes love)).

While I set about working on this visual masterpiece, Ricky was busily engaged in finding us a slogan that fit us well. He came up with quite the list of possible phrases each was as entertaining as the last but we needed one that worked for us and fit well in the confines of our flag. I decided to include a few of them in this post for your pleasure.

faciam ut mei memineris- I'll make you remember me

flectere si nequeo superos, achaeronta movebo- If I cannot move heaven I will raise Hell

hic sunt dracones-here there are dragons

carpe noctem- seize the night

mea navis aericumbens anguillis abundant-my hovercraft is full of eels

mulier est hominis confusion- woman is man's ruin

oleum camino-(pour) oil on the fire

omnibus locis fit caedes- let there be slaughter everywhere

and finally here is the one we chose to make our own

oderint dum metuant-let them hate so long as they fear

Now isn't that just classy? We like to pretend we are tough even though our total fighting experience adds up to slightly less than a minute (sibling and school scuffles do not count) and that is just because Ricky made a girl cry by biting her. It sounds shocking but believe me she deserved it.

Since we now had a phrase we needed an image to match. I started compiling a list of this I thought would be entertaining like swords and crowns and honey badgers (because honey badgers don't care). So after I had a list I just tried to throw them all together in that terrible program known as Paint. The result may be a little rough but then again so are we.

Perfection in flag form


  1. I'd like to think I had a hand in this. ;)

  2. And I would like to think I agree a little haha.

  3. Actually, _perfection_ in flags most often characterized by the use of no words. Google vexillology. You wanna see perfection, check out Maryland's flag.

  4. Although, I do think the badger has a fighting chance against the Maryland flag. : )

  5. You just wish you had made the flag first haha. Although the Maryland University uniforms make so much more sense now.