Monday, January 30, 2012

The Dukes See a Movie: Man on a Ledge

I will be honest with you I was not expecting much at all out of this movie. If I had been asked if I would rather stare at a wall for a few hours or see Man on a Ledge it would have been a toss-up. "Why did you see this movie in that case?" Is a question you might be asking yourselves and a good one it is. The truth is one of our friends had a hankering for theater popcorn and a night with friends and so we really didn't have much of a choice.

It was a joyous affair but it was also tinged with sadness since one of the Dukes was not to be present. Ricky was otherwise burdened with a family party so he was unable to attend but he, like me was not super thrilled about this movie prospect. I have included a snippet of our conversation for your pleasure.

Me: "It sucks you can't come but at least it is only Man on a Ledge."
Ricky: "There is that. I really couldn't care less about this movie. If I were there I would probably root for the ledge."
Me: "Agreed. I will probably just yell "throw a banana peel or a bucket of oil or something!""

That is a glimpse inside our everyday lives. Glorious isn't it?

With the appropriate back story given I will actually talk about the movie. The movie starts out with our protagonist (Sam Worthington) being beaten in a prison yard. We come to find out that he is an ex cop who has been in prison for two years for supposedly stealing a 40 million dollar diamond and his last hope of a retrial has just been shot down. His outlook goes from bad to worse when we find out that his father has just passed away and his brother hates him for it.

Later we see him at the graveyard while his father is being interred. His brother confronts him and they scuffle. During the scuffle his guards come to break it up and he steals a gun, takes them down and steals his brothers car. He avoids the quick recapture and he goes to a hotel under a false name. After eating a great meal he climbs out onto a ledge (you had to know that this was coming). He is up there in an attempt to clear his name and prove that the diamond owner (Ed Harris) had framed him.

I don't want to go too much farther because some air of mystery needs to remain. The movie was well acted although Sam Worthington has the hardest time keeping his American accent throughout the movie. I guess that is just always the case (see: Avatar, Clash of the Titans, anything else he has ever been in). Ed Harris is a great bad guy and Jamie Bell does well as a nervous sidekick. The relative newcomer Genesis Rodriguez wasn't great but she obviously wasn't hired for her acting skills (hint: they wanted some eye candy to bring in more viewers).

All in all I don't think it was a cinematic masterpiece but at the same time it succeeded in keeping me entertained.

Rating 3 stars

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