Wednesday, September 14, 2011

We gonna be twittering!

Good Evening Ladies and Gentlemen!

I'm here writing today because I'm bored. So very very bored. I've got absolutely nothing to do while my class watches a movie that I've already seen and I'm not interested in watching it again. This is how things go I guess. The main reason that I'm writing for the first time in a long while is simple, we've decided that we are going to start a Twitter account! That's right ladies and gentlemen we're branching out into social media, which is great idea considering that the last time we updated our blog was July, so we'll see how this goes. You should totally follow us because it's gonna rock! I think you need to do know our id name or something (I've never done the twitter before) anyways, its @intrepiddukes. I think that's what you need. Anyways, jump on the bandwagon, it's what we do!

Love always


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