Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The Dukes See a Movie: Your Highness

Recently the Dukes found themselves in an ethical and moral dilemma or quandary as it were. We weren't sure if Your Highness was a movie we should see. I said yes because the main characters and director have made me laugh in the past, the main example I will give is their work in Pineapple Express. Ricky on the other hand decided he was going to be an honorable man and not see this movie with questionable values. This led to the first movie rift in this blog's history. (Not including my solo excursion to see The King's Speech. Ricky still hasn't forgiven me.) I found myself with Coombsy watching Your Highness while Ricky was in a theater nearby watching Hanna. (Review coming soon) It felt a little odd having the Dukes separated by more than a few seats, but nothing could change what had happened. Although while I think Ricky made the right decision it didn't stop me from enjoying the film.

As the story unfolds it shows two brothers (James Franco, 127 hours)(Danny Mcbride, Eastbound and Down) and the relationship they have with their father the king. James is a true prince. He loves to quest and he is constantly bringing honor and glory back to his father and the kingdom. Danny on the other hand is the second son and is lazy and pampered almost beyond belief, pretty much like a male TBQ(The Black Queen). In the beginning of the film James has just returned from a quest and has brought back a bride (Zooey Deschanel, 500 days of Summer) and the head of a Cyclops as a trophy. He wishes to get married the next day and have his brother as the best man. On the day of the wedding some small event causes Danny to pout and leave the festivities. While he is off getting high and chasing sheep (I told you it was by the same person that did Pineapple Express) his brother has an evil wizard crash the wedding and take his bride to a far away tower.

James starts getting a group together to rescue her and Danny is forced to go by his father who threatens to take away everything if he doesn't help.  A short way into the quest the brothers find out that all the other soldiers are traitors and have been helping the evil wizard. At the conclusion of an exciting carriage chase the intrepid questers find themselves in a strange forest and are inevitably captured. While captive they run into the super hardcore Natalie Portman who, after a brief solo outing, joins their quest.

From here on out it pretty much follows the standard buddy quest movie. The brothers argue and break up. The younger one decides he needs to change the type of person he is. The older one feels bad and manages to get captured. The younger one continues on the first part of the quest alone and completes it. He rescues the older one and they rescue the damsel in distress together. The hardcore lady falls in love with the younger, newly changed man. Both couples return home and live their lives in happiness and peace, unless they make a sequel.

All in all I liked the movie but it had a lot of things that I don't think were necessary to the story. I won't mention them here due to the crude nature of these things but if you must know you can just ask me in person or see the movie for yourself.

Rating: 3.5 stars

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