Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The Dukes See a Movie: Source Code

I will break down this movie review in a few simple equations.

This is a base equation for films: Good movie = Good plot  + Good Actors + Good Director (for a bad movie replace one or more of the goods with a bad)
Movie plot = Groundhog's Day + 12 Monkeys (both enjoyable movies)

Jake Gyllenhaal = Good Actor

Duncan Jones = Good up and coming director (He directed Moon which I thought was a winner)

So in the end we get: Source Code = (Groundhog's Day + 12 Monkeys) + Jake Gyllenhaal + Duncan Jones

And to put it in numerical terms...

Rating:  3.75 Stars

(In case you couldn't tell I was too lazy to write an actual review and I am a math fan.)

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