Tuesday, November 12, 2013

The Dukes Get Crafty: Part Deux

As time passes and as we Dukes remain single we find ourselves with time to spare. Do we spend it watching TV? Do we spend it playing tennis? Is arguing involved? Are all of the previous statements true? You bet your sweet britches they are. Without a single girlfriend to distract the unmarried Dukes we had to find something to fill that cavernous void. Am I trying to say that women are important or that they take a lot of time? You decide. Well to get back to the point, I am just trying to say that free time is something we have in abundance. In an effort to make me proud (I am assuming), Coombsy has been spending that time with the most seductive of ladies, Math. For the rest of us we have been filling that time with random crafts and projects.

Coombsy has chosen wisely.

In this second installment of the craftinators you will see wonders that dazzle the senses and bewitch the mind (Joshua's creations) and some things that will drive the OCD person in you wild (Ricky's stuff).

Joshua is a Wizard with a Glue Gun

Most of you have probably met road side charlatans trying to pass off their deeds as those of a true wizard. These filthy hucksters have brought shame unto this most high title. Lucky for the world we have Joshua to right some of the wrongs wrought by these soulless shysters. He takes on these mountebanks with nothing more than a glue gun and his wits (and his magic since he is a wizard).

Joshua grows a mean beard.

Recently for work Joshua took part in a competition that forced friends to do battle in what they call a "cook-off". Each team picks a theme and goes to town with costumes and recipes and decorations. To me it sounds like way too much work, but Joshua took up the challenge to help outfit his team that had picked the theme Harry Potter. In one of his bouts of creativity he thought of a way to make his team look like the real deal. What they needed were wands. Armed with over-sized chopsticks and a hot glue gun in each hand he began to create.

After the chopsticks had been thoroughly glued and incredibly designed he turned to the task of finishing them off with the proper paint job.

Drink it in. Here, let me zoom in for you.

Are you not amazed? I know that I am. I could never take some glue and a stick and end up with anything remotely this good. 

This would be me.
The good news for Josh is that the event is over. The better news for all of you is that Josh enjoys making these wands and will be selling them here on his Etsy page (he does not yet have a page so if you would like one just leave me a comment or send a text). I can only speak with certainty for myself, but any Harry Potter fan would be proud to have one of these hand crafted masterpieces in their home. I personally have three in mine and that number will probably go up as time goes on.

Ricky Forms his Dreams into a Blanket

Ricky is a man with many facets to his personality. At first go some find him abrasive and prickly, but after some time they find his soft underbelly and come to realize he is great guy. I never had that prickly stage with him, but I guess it does happen. A part of what makes him interesting is his desire to try new things. Once he gets something in his head you can be darn sure it is going to happen. That is exactly what happened when Ricky decided it was high time he made a quilt.

Ricky was a cute kid.
Our friend and frequent reader Morgan was recently engaged in making some quilts. She borrowed my Mom's quilting frame and she set to work. Ricky saw all of this happening and he decided that he wanted in on the action. He went to the fabric store and got a random assortment of fabrics that do give you quite the insight on what goes on in Ricky's head. As Morgan worked on her quilt, Ricky started piecing his together (with her help). After a time they were finally assembled.

I can only look for so long. I fear getting lost in there forever.
 The fabrics he selected blended together like the cast of Community. Apart they were good, but together they were gold. He took this magnificent patchwork and backed it with lime green fabric and then we tied it with bright pink yarn. There was much swearing involved (I am looking at you Ricky and Morgan), but in the end the whole thing got tied and sewn together.  Now you may behold it in all its glory.

Tis a feast for the eyes.

If you recall I mentioned at the beginning of the article the fact that if you have even slight OCD tendencies that this quilt would be a rough one to look at. I meant it, I really did. I made some handy marks on the image so you could see what I was talking about. I admit I truly am a fan of the fabrics used, but they were sewn together in no particular order. How can you have three in a row?! Why do you hate me Ricky? I see this quilt and I just want to put it together in a proper design. Screw you and your unorganized mind! (It is probably organized just fine). Sadly that is not the only sin to be found on this blanket. If you look at the circles you will see that some of the yarn is a ridiculous length. I went to get some scissors and Ricky said he liked it that way. On this one I could not give in and I did spend some time trimming off the excess yarn and also the loose threads from the binding.

Even with the lack of order to the blanket I christen it a success. It does what it is supposed to in that it'll keep you warm, but it will also fulfill another purpose (besides my eventual insanity) in showcasing who Ricky is. Tune in next time and see what other wonders that have been wrought by the hands of the Dukes.


  1. Why are you looking at me and Ricky with the lots of swears comments? I don't know what you are talking about! I am a lady! Clearly! And I am surprised you haven't fixed the yarn yet. I told Ricky that was something he would have to do and he was the one that did the order for the blocks. You can blame him for making your eyes go crazy!

    1. Oh I blame Ricky for sure. He will rue the day he did this to me!